Clinic Tour

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Godley Station Animal Hospital

The view from Pooler Parkway.

Reception desk

You will be greeted by our friendly customer service representatives upon your arrival to our facility.

Waiting area

Our waiting area is designed for you and your pet to wait comfortably for your appointment.

Exam Rooms

Our clinic is equipped with multiple exam rooms that are stocked with all the latest equipment. To make your visit more convenient, our rooms are equipped to check you out at the end.

Veterinary Technicians

Our highly trained veterinary technicians eagerly assist our veterinarians with fulfilling your pets needs.

Hospitalized Pets

Our compassionate and highly trained veterinary technicians give the best care possible during their hospital stay.

Boarding Entrance

We offer a separate entrance for all of your grooming and boarding needs.

Boarding Lobby

The boarding lobby is where our kennel technicians await for your pet's arrival.

Boarding Facility

Main hallway of our spacious boarding facilities.

Boarding Rooms

Our boarding facility consists of 7 rooms that have approximately 10 runs in each room. (4 rooms for the larger canines, and 3 rooms for the smaller canines) Not to mention, we have 2 separate rooms, one for your feline companions, and another room for your older and more anxious canine friends.

Large Canine Kennel

Each kennel is set up with bedding and a water bowl at all times. 

Small Canine Kennel

Each small kennel is set up with bedding and a water bowl at all times.

Small and Large Suite

Our facility also offers Suites for large and small canines.  A suite consists of two kennels (large or small) joined together.  These are perfect for families with multiple pets or pets with high energy because it gives them double the space.

Feline Room

For our feline friends, we have a room upstairs and separate from the canine boarders.  Each kitty guest gets their own personal condo (2 levels) and free time through out their stay.  During their free time, most enjoy sun bathing on the the top level of the play tower.

Walking and Playing Area

We sport a spacious and fenced-in area where your pet is walked up to 3 times daily and participates in "dog-gone" fun play time.